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Torah & Bible Codes



L.A. Earthquake in 2010

Posted by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson on March 15, 2011 at 12:37 PM




קליפ CLIF

בתשע I 770 - תשנ"ד 5754


לא קליפ LA CLIFE

איום הוא IT IS A THREAT


בהתשע IN 5770

לא קליפ-L.A. CLIF

There is one Torah Code that has everyone buzzing, and that is the table about a possible earthquake in Los Angeles this year, 2010.

It is important that we don't assume the Torah Code can be used to make predictions. This is because we simply don't have enough information to ask the right questions. In the past, it has resulted in tables that were wrong, or that never happened. Professor Eliyahu Rips strongly suggests that the Torah Code is not a reliable source to use for predictions.

However, I am able to relate a few times where the Code actually did make accurate predictions. I believe those were meant to be. They came at a time when they needed to appear for the purpose of saving lives. The information was vital and timely. The recipients of this information were fortuneate, yet the way the message is interpreted can often create even more questions than answers.

One of these predictions was made by Professor Rips, a brilliant mathematician and most noted as the discoverer of the Code along with Witztum and Rosenberg. The finding in the Torah Code was remarkable in that it included the key words "SADDAM HUSSEIN" perpendicular to the phrase "FIRE ON THE THIRD OF SHEVAT." In that year (1991) it was on January 18th -- the day that the first Iraqi missiles hit Israel. Coincidence?

The next noteworthy prediction came later, when Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Code, found a table that predicted the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Drosnin's table clearly indicated "ASSASSIN THAT WILL ASSASSINATE" crossing Rabin's name. The table appeared on the cover of this best-seller when it was published in 1997. The table was discovered about a year before Rabin was actually assassinated. Further investigation by the Torah Code team uncovered additional information in the Codes about Rabin and a possible conspiracy.

On pages 141 -142 of Drosnin's book are tables about an earthquake in LA. I purchased a copy of his book in those days and was intrigued with all the prophetic information that seemed to appear. In this and his subsequent "Bible Code II" book, there were tables that predicted all kinds of destruction: a comet, a nuclear holocaust, other earthquakes in China and Japan. Since then, the truly horrific predictions have fortunately not come to pass at the times that were indicated -- several of them for the year 2006. What does that mean?

In those early days of code research there wasn't a way to really test the tables for statistical significance the way they do today. Short of having a cluster computer to run experiments on thousands of monkey text comparisons, another method today also seems helpful, if not viable. That method is to only use key words (a priori, or chosen in advance) that have a minimal appearance in the Torah, (fewest number of times they appear in the whole Torah) with the smallest ELS skips. (ELS= Equidistant Letter Sequencing).

The topic of a large earthquake in LA has been one that concerns all of us. I live in the LA area -- a county that is so vast that it envelops many other cities almost to the edge of the desert. In one of Drosnin's tables there were two years indicated -- the Hebrew year of 5754 (1994) along with 5770 (2010). The reason this particular table caught my attention is because we actually did have a large earthquake in 1994, the Northridge quake, which did $20 billion in damage.

The fact that the Northridge quake did occurr as in the Torah Code made me wonder if the subsequence 2010 prediction in that very same same table might be valid. But this table was now 16 years old and it was time to create one based on our enhanced knowledge of the Torah Codes.

Rabbi Glazerson is a noted author and expert on the Torah Codes. Using the key words in the old Drosnin table, he and Dr. Rotenberg created two new tables. Glazerson is quick to point out that he only used the words that were minimal in the Torah, (words that only appear a few times in the entire Torah) as well as using minimal ELS skips to enhance the significance of the table. The first table entitled "Big Earthquake in California" is a complete remake of the Drosnin table with new information in it. The words "A Threat" were discovered. Similarly, the dates were there with minimal appearances in the whole Torah. Interestingly, the date of 2010 is found nine times in the Torah, and also has an ELS skip of 9. It happens occasionally.

But the table that Glazerson was most impressed with was the one we've titled "L.A. Calif." The phrase "IN 5770" appears only once in the entire Torah, and has the best meeting with the word EARTHQUAKE, appearing on the same line of text. If you understand what the computer goes through to render these tables, the idea that related codes end up appearing next to each other on the same line is rather extraordinary. The Hebrew abbreviation for LA Calif, (seen as "LA CLIF") appears centered in the table. The phrase, "THIS IS A THREAT" appears with minimal skips. Whether the Torah Code is saying that we are being threatened by an earthquake, or that there is merely the threat of an earthquake occurring, is up for discussion. The table was found in the book of Genesis and needed not to use the entire Torah to create it, which makes it more statistically significant. Finding this much information within a search area of approx. 20% of the entire Torah may also be significant. This happened before in Prof. Rips table on the Twin Towers, where almost everything that came up was found in the book of Numbers, chapter 20. The Twin Towers table was incredibly small and no monkey text has been able to duplicate the compactness of that table. The Torah as of this year is 3,322 years old.

Should we expect an earthquake? I would say not to alter your lives over these tables, but it could be a warning to at least be better prepared in the event it happens. Scientists for years have said that California is bracing for "the big one," and since there have been an enormous number of quakes in the past three months with significant strength, it doesn't seem all that unlikely that we might experience a quake this year. The last big earthquake near Mexicali is still rumbling with aftershocks. According to the USGS, there have been over 600 smaller aftershocks in the area just in the past few weeks. If the Glazerson/Rotenberg tables are correct, then perhaps there are exceptions to the Torah Codes where their origin which many believe was Divinely inspired, might be available to us now for reasons of gaining additional insight about our world and our current situations. Or, perhaps it's now being revealed to help us better prepare for what is to come.

L.A. earthquake in 2010, a prediction?

If you happen to have a copy of Michael Drosnin's first book, The Bible Code, you may have seen the tables "GREAT EARTHQUAKE" "2010" and so forth. There is more than one table in the book on the prospect of a major earthquake in LA this year. Some readers have commented and written to ask if we could investigate it.

It's true that there have been codes in Drosnin's books that haven't come to pass. There were some huge catastrophes that never happened, such as a comet in 2006 or a nuclear war the same year, (see Bible Code II). Some of the codes were spot on, and others didn't come to pass. Drosnin fudges by saying the Codes merely warn of possible outcomes. However, there is always room for insight, common sense, and an understanding of the way the ancient Torah often describes events. All the computer power in the world can't compete with insight and a knowledge of the way the Torah often speaks. If you find a website that tells you the date of the Second coming is encoded in the Torah, don't believe it. If a table doesn't happen, then there are a myriad of possible explanations. The fact is that sometimes the tables are totally accurate.

To see most of the Drosnin's tables, I'd recommend you purchase the original Bible Code book. Now a bargain on Amazon and a reference that is still one that Code researchers need in their collection. Okay, back to the article…

One of Drosnin's LA Earthquake tables include the following key words: (page 142, The Bible Code)



5770 / 2010

the other table he discovered had these key words: (page 141)



IN 5770 / 2010

5754 / 1994

This alternate set of key words is particularly interesting, in that even though this table wasn't released until 1997, it did indicate that there were two dates for an L.A. earthquake, one in 1994 and the other to occur this year. We know that the 1994 quake actually did happen. It is referred to as the "Northridge" quake which had a magnitude of 6.7 and lasted for about 45 seconds. It did $20 billion in damage. Could there be another one looming this year? Interesting they are both found within the same table.

My system is setup to receive USGS earthquake updates from around the world, but only those that are 6.0 or greater. Since April 11, 2010, I've received a dozen notices of large earthquakes -- one occurring about every two to five days. That doesn't include the hundreds of minor aftershocks or smaller temblors (less than 6.0) around the world. So it would seem that the Pacific rim is highly in motion right now, not to mention an increase as well in volcanic activity. it wouldn't seem all that unlikely that California might experience another quake. In fact, on May 4 there was a quake near Mexicali. (See video). Is it significant that a table found by Drosnin in a 1997 book would predict something larger in L.A.? I find it difficult to ignore as mere coincidence.

At this stage, running Drosnin's tables through a cluster computer is expensive and time consuming. However, Rabbi Glazerson did some checking on the Drosnin table and found some interesting results. He also found additional words within the same matrix.

Glazerson related to me, "The appearance of BIG EARTHQUAKE is minimal in the whole Torah. IN 5770 is the ninth minimal in the Torah but the best meeting with BIG EARTHQUAKE. (the date) 1994 is the sixth minimal, but the best meeting with BIG EARTHQUAKE. Then I have in this table the word THREAT, letter after letter." He also found the word "punishment" ever four letters. in his tests, Glazerson also tried the same key words in War and Peace. He said that he also found them, but not as in the Torah. Most of the time, when the Torah tables are compared to other random texts, the clusters of words appear more compact and often in parallel rows to each other.

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